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"Trodishon" Trailer

“Trodishon” snippet mix

Take a cruising journey in Jamaica, the birthplace of Reggae, packed with pure love and positive messages. This work is a collaboration work with IBRAHIM BAAITH, which depicts a famous mural in Brooklyn, OL DIRTY BASTARD. Actually visited Kingston, Jamaica, the birthplace of Reggae, and produced it, this work is a collaboration work with IBRAHIM BAAITH depicting famous mural in Brooklyn and rapper OL DIRTY BASTARD. A wide range of crossovers from the 70's to the latest tune, such as Roots Reggae with a unique looseness that makes you feel the atmosphere at the time, comfortable Lovers Rock, 80s Pop, a famous song cover of Soul, and a famous song of a mellow song dance hall! The unique Reggae sound that blends the unique Hip Hop essence cultivated in NY with a bright and positive message invites you to a journey to Jamaica, a Caribbean island nation that heals your heart and ears.

Trodishon / Download ($10.00)

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