Regular 10th Annivesary Mix / Download ($10.00)

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the select shop "REGULAR" that has supported the streets of Hiroshima,
MIX TAPE KINGZ, a special mix created by DJ SHU-G's complete production.

Expanded from NY-made HIP HOP CLASSIC, which emits a thick beat and black sound that blows away the sweltering heat, to a comfortable MELLOW HIP HOP that smoothly resonates even with fat ears. And it's an incredible 74 minutes to run into the sweet 90's R & B that gently and gently wraps up. Spend a real time in this era by using two pieces, one with a precise composition that reminds us of one of the hottest days in the 90's club and acupuncture points, a highly complete BLEND mix, and scratches that are delivered at exquisite timing. We hope you welcome this summer with the work of one of the best MIX craftsmen in Japan, who can listen to the end without getting tired of it because it is a black deep groove that can be produced only by coming to Japan.

Regular 10th Annivesary Mix / Download ($10.00)