MIXTAPE vol.8 -Deep In The Streets- / Download ($10.00)

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The ultimate work that is thoroughly discerning in all of the mix, artwork and sound quality.

The long-awaited 8th work of the ultimate MIX series "MIXTAPE", which continues to have a great influence on many listeners, has finally been lifted! !! This work is a mix of QUEENS • BROOKLYN's hip hop classics that were born in the early 90s and early 2000s when SHU-G was most influenced in NY. All consisted of related mixes such as lyric and birthplace, original songs and hooks that combine various scratch words, and exquisite BLEND work, two pieces use and scratch skill explodes across all songs !! It's all made in analog, and its quality, which is thoroughly focused on the mix of sound quality, mix, and artwork, is a work that truly fits the name of MIX craftsman. Moreover, this time, the Japanese translation of the recorded songs is included as a privilege with the thought of "I want you to know the meaning of the song", and it makes me feel the SHU-G's insistence on MIX that I want you to enjoy MIX more. I want you to fully enjoy the mix that SHU-G's strong affection is packed into because it is a digital age and I want to continue to create works that will bridge the next generation.

MIXTAPE vol.8 -Deep In The Streets- / Download ($10.00)