MIXTAPE vol.7 - A Tribute To The MasterpieceⅡ- / mix CD ($20.00)

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A mix work of the highest peak that was particular about all mix artwork.
MIXCD Craftsman DJ SHU-G's new work in a popular series for the first time in about half a year
"MIXTAPE vol.7" -A Tribute To The Masterpiece Ⅱ- has been lifted! !!

This work is a sequel to "MIXTAPE vol.4", which was one of his most popular works! !! Focusing again on sampling music, which is an essential element of HIPHOP, and using the sampling material centered around Soul's famous songs, it is exquisitely mixed with high-quality scratch and two pieces while using the mellow HIPHOP classic. It is a rich gem! !! The work was created from the pure thought of "I want you to know the original splendor of soul music again", and the superb song selection that transitions from a dramatic development to a love song will definitely make you a moving time Will invite you. Also, pay attention to the wonderful animation of creator MODAN who faithfully expressed his desire to convey the message behind the music. !! With the support of more powerful artwork, I would like you to enjoy his work that went up the stairs of Next Level again and feel the hot message.

MIXTAPE vol.7 - A Tribute To The MasterpieceⅡ- / mix CD ($20.00)