MIXTAPE vol.5 -West Coast Classics- / Download ($10.00)

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Sample mix


The 5th work of the popular series "MIXTAPE"! !!

This work is her first WEST COAST HIPHOP CLASSICS! !!


Besides! !! The host of this time is Eric Edwards, who is world famous for narrating NO.1 HIPHOP / R & B radio station of NYC, HOT 97 and POWER 106! !! It's a masterpiece with a high degree of perfection that you can listen to even more sophisticated scratches you want to use as a model, two pieces, a smooth mix that is too perfect, and an innovative blend mix. !! If many of the famous songs that are still handed down are handed down by SHU-G, they will be heard in a novel and fresh way! !! There are a number of similar mixes, but there are few that are so particular that they will shake your mind and body. It's no exaggeration to say that it's the best mix of WEST COAST HIPHOP, and it's a timeless masterpiece made into a permanent preservation board! !! The quality of SHU-G works is always a hat. . .

MIXTAPE vol.5 -West Coast Classics- / Download ($10.00)