MIXTAPE vol.4 -A Tribute To The Masterpiece- / Download ($10.00)

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The DJ SHU-G masterpiece, which was created with a respect for artists who have a name in the history of soul music, has been reissued due to many requests! !!

"MIXTAPE vol.4" -A Tribute To The Masterpiece Ⅰ-, which triggered the release of the new "MIXTAPE vol.7", has been re-released! !! Focusing on "sampling" which is an indispensable element for HIPHOP, it is a rich gem that alternately mixes the mellow HIPHOP / R & B classics that sampled the story with famous songs such as Soul in history! !! There are countless people who are influenced by the delicate mix that draws in the listener and the scratches and double-use that you want to follow. The melodious and dramatic selection of songs and grooves will definitely invite you to the best space. In addition, this work also contains valuable shout outs of early facemen such as DJ ROC RAIDA, the legendary DJ who created scratch, DJ GRAND WIZARD THE ODORE! !! It's hard to find a classic mix that is so comfortable and has a perfect stick. In response to the request, the "heart's masterpiece that will improve your ears and heart" will finally reappear! !! This is the best work that makes you feel the splendor of mixed works.

MIXTAPE vol.4 -A Tribute To The Masterpiece- / Download ($10.00)