MIXTAPE vol.2 / Download ($10.00)

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This is an illusionary masterpiece that became the trigger of DJ SHU-G's popularity, and it was discontinued. "MIXTAPE vol.1" is finally available for download! Just like "MIXTAPE vol.1", it disappeared from the store in a blink of an eye, and it is a doctrine work of 90'S HIPHOP mix that is still trading at high prices at the auction !!

You can tell why DJ MISSIE praised "Mix, scratch, the place where I put the most emphasis is perfect !!" Not quite. In addition, scratches at precise points that are easy to listen to and you will never get tired of using two pieces! Special Shout Out of "G-FLEX (GROUP HOME)" is recorded !! Of course, ALL original vinyl! Please polish your ears and heart with this.

MIXTAPE vol.2 / Download ($10.00)

  • 90s Hip Hop classic mix.

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