MIXTAPE vol.1 feat. DJ TA-SHI & DJ MISSIE / Download ($10.00)

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This is an illusionary masterpiece that became the trigger of DJ SHU-G's popularity, and it was discontinued.

"MIXTAPE vol.1" is finally available for download!

At that time, there should be quite a lot of heads who listened to this CD and got into 90's HIPHOP !!
SE scratch that uses two intense pieces that explode over almost all songs and mixes considering each lyric !! The high degree of perfection that has been carefully selected in every detail is sure to attract from beginners to beginners !! And after all, the highlight is "The Show" with DJ MSSIE and DJ TA-SHI !! Of course ALL original vinyls !! It's a super recommended disc that you want to "hear your ears" !!

MIXTAPE vol.1 feat. DJ TA-SHI & DJ MISSIE / Download ($10.00)

  • 90s Hip Hop classic mix.

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