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With the theme of Jazz, which is famous as a sampling source for Hip Hop,
Active in NY based fashion brand "68 & BROTHERS"
The popular collaboration Mix by DJ SHU-G, the long-awaited third work is finally released!

The glistening mellow Jazz mix lets you escape from the shining summer sun and the hustle and bustle of everyday life into a high-quality and comfortable NY space that transcends the sea. A mix of Hip Hop sampling and scratches that are "involuntarily grinning" related to the Hip Hop sampling material, cover songs, and recorded songs selected from his experience cultivated in NY and his rich ears Mix !! With the sound of saxophone and trumpet, and the beautiful sound of an emotional piano, it is a perfect piece for a sweet and mature time, from summer to the end of autumn.

Mister Magic / mix CD ($16.00)