Mellow Madness

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The long-awaited sequel to the popular "Sound Of Blue" collaboration with fashion brand 68 & Brothers has been released for the past year! DJ SHU-G will also listen to the adult melancholy and mellow mix that makes you feel the scent and arrival of NY summer-autumn with Jazz as the theme. In addition to Jazz soul, jazz funk, Latin jazz, etc., which are well-known as Hip Hop sampling sources, this time there are numerous Jazz and R & B masterpieces such as Anita Baker “Sweet Love” and Michael Jackson “I Can't Help It”. Recording! Tickling Hip Hop fans, with voice information that is connected to the recorded songs everywhere, more than the previous work moody and dramatic, sweet and painless song selection and development touches my heart, it is definitely one of the perfect adults in the future .


Sample mix

Mellow Madness