Lafayette x Reed Space x DJ SHU-G "Run This City" mix CD ($20)

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A special collaboration mix with popular select shop "Reed Space" in NY / Lower East Side, street brand "Lafayette" representing Japan, and popular photographer SDJ in NY.

This work opens with a beat that makes you feel hot heartbeat and outstanding skills. Whether it's old or new, Hip Hop, as well as R & B, Disco, 80's Pop, Reggae, House, Miami Bass, a wide selection of songs and a mix sense, the highest peak that can be expressed because he is struggling in NY where various races are mixed up. This is a genreless Mix. Not only the unique Blend Mix that can be heard only in this work, but also scratch work that listens everywhere with an exquisite sense of balance is still alive. As the body temperature gradually rises as it progresses to the second half, the mix that shows delicate and sometimes hard torture of adults is hot like the sun shining irritatingly, listening comfortably and smoothly to this summer And invite me. An incredible 74 minutes in a groove that is full of exhilaration and dashing and runs dramatically to the last. Why don't you get drunk this summer with the luxurious sound of DJ SHU-G, whose skill and sense have been further refined and deepened throughout NY?

Lafayette x Reed Space x DJ SHU-G "Run This City" mix CD ($20)