KINFOLK x Justin Hager x DJ SHU-G "The New York Rhymes" / Download ($10.00)

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"The New York Rhymes" Release Party Trailer


The new work of DJ SHU-G, which is currently based in NY, is a collaboration work with Brooklyn's most popular shop "KINFOLK" and painter JUSTIN HAGER picked up at Vice, Complex, Thrasher Magazine etc. Also "The New York Rhymes".

From the 1980s to the early 2000s, we carefully selected sound sources only from New York artists, and stuck to the connections that have relevance such as lyric and birthplace. His strong insistence that he does not want to listen to normally is that when he listens to the word mix that creates a new story by making full use of blend mixes and various a cappella that require mixing technology as a DJ, it is "past product" again. It is a gem that makes us think about the depth and depth of Dig, as it is being recognized as a MIX work. He's a survivor in NY every day, so one and only 70 minutes of NY Classic Mix that you can create, you can immerse yourself in the black sound of HIP HOP no matter where you cut it!


Sample mix

KINFOLK x Justin Hager x DJ SHU-G "The New York Rhymes" / Download ($10.00)

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