Classic Vol.4 -King Of The Groove- mix CD

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DJ SHU-G has moved to a new step in Brooklyn, NY.
The long-awaited new work, which will be nearly a year later, is the fourth in the popular series "CLASSIC".

This time, the disco sounds of the 70's and 80's, which are often used as hip hop and R & B sampling material, have been re-evaluated recently. Introduced in New York, this album was created with the respect and respect of the greatness of Disco music, which has penetrated deeply into the Black community. A melody line that lingers in your heart, a dramatic development that shakes the soul of Soul Funk, a delicate mix sense that brings out the goodness of the original song, an outstanding scratch skill that makes 80's groove more funky, and a passion that goes beyond skills and techniques. In 75 minutes, a refreshing Disco Mix made in NY that excites listeners' hearts! "Disco is said to have killed Soul and Funk." I want you to confirm the essence with your ears.

Classic Vol.4 -King Of The Groove- mix CD