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From NY! DJ SHU-G's long-awaited new 80's POP Mix is sure to become a must-have item when driving !!

A catchy hook and melodious sound that makes everyone want to sing, a hit chart at the time, a theme song / insert song of a movie, or as a disco, a disco tune and electro pop that are still indispensable at NY parties. With a wide range of 80's sounds such as, Latin Free Style and Rock, this is an exhilarating mix that will brightly color the hot summer ahead. With a skillful intro that draws in what you listen to every time, a mix sense with a history like a movie that maximizes the charm of the song, two pieces full of dynamism and a scratch of the phrase material that works well for 80's fans It makes the masterpiece sway more fresh and groovy. A piece of youth that revives dazzling memories for those who spent the time on time and freshly resonates in the ears and hearts of the generations who became aware.


Sample mix

1.21 Gigawatts / mix CD ($16)